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A division of

Noumena Corporation
8888 Black Pine Lane
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

About The Editomatic Subdivision
Editomatic is a subdivision of Noumena Corporation.

Noumena Corporation was incorporated in 2000 to provide innovative software solutions to businesses around the world.

Since then, Noumena has delivered solutions and training sessions in the US, Canada, Europe, Central America and India.

Noumena's principals are human beings with interests outside simple computer programs and teaching. Among other things, they enjoy writing fiction and composing music.

When a computer programmer starts looking for ways to improve his fiction, he looks for ways to understand why X is good and Y is bad.

While a creative act is creative first and foremost, there are rules to help create a pleasing piece of art instead of an amateurish one.

Learning those rules and writing programs to help you be more creative is why the Editomatic subdivision was created. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to creative problems.

Editomat in Self Edit panel at Capricon 2017
Panel with editors & writers
Sean Davis and Barbara Barnett joined Clif in a discussion of techniques for editing, and how Editomat can help.

Sean makes the excellent observation that Editomat is a cool tool, and can help, but it's up the author to decide when Editomat is pointing out something that requires modification.

The talk was very well attended. We had intense discussions about features and how to apply them.

Editomat shown at MuseCon 2016
Official release of Editomat
Clif Flynt demonstrated how Editomat can help you write better and faster at MuseCon in Itasca, IL on Friday, August 5 at 9:00 PM.

This presentation represented the the official release of Editomat.

The talk was lightly attended, continuing the stealth release.

Survey of self-editing tools at Conclave 2015
Development release of Editomat gains approval
Clif Flynt participated on a panel discussing self-editing tools at Conclave.

He described spellcheck and grammar tools and showed an early version of Editomat to a dozen writers and editors.

It was a lively discussion of tricks and tips, problems and solutions and more ideas for things an automated tool could do.

Clif shared the "secret" download site for Editomat and folks started using and testing the pre-alpha release of Editomat.

Editomat talk at Penguicon 2018
What's new and How To
Clif will show what's new in Editomat, including the Dialog and Cliche support. He'll describe how to use Editomat to improve your prose.
Editomat shown at Friends of Confusion 2017
Lively discussion
Clif demonstrated the new dialog support, and described the upcoming baysean classification.

The talk was well attended, with a lively discussion of potential new features.

Editomat introduced at Penguicon 2016
First beta-release of Editomat
Sean M. Davis and Clif Flynt discussed human and computer-aided editing at Penguicon. Sean, an accomplished author and editor, described techniques for self-editing your work while Clif demonstrated the beta release of Editomat.

Editomat was received enthusiastically. Several new ideas for things editomat could do were discussed and several new beta-users were recruited.