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Editomat will make your writing cleaner and brighter.
Here are discussions of what Editomat

can do for your writing.

You spruce up your wardrobe with the clotheswashers in a laundromat. ...
We all use weak words when we're speaking.

That doesn't mean we should use them when we're writing. These words have become meaningless from overuse. They are vague, or they may be as superfluous as the "Umm" that we all say and never write (except sparingly in dialog).

For instance, the word "very" is useless. I can say my character is ...

Weak Words

There are dozens of weak words that we all use too often. They clutter our story without adding any depth. For instance, a small jetliner is larger than a big insect.

Editomat has a list of weak words and will highlight those in ...

Leading Dependent Clause Starting a sentence with a dependent clause is perfectly grammatical.

But if you have too many of them, your prose becomes less direct and forceful.

Finding and counting these by hand is tedious.


Editomat performs many analyses of your prose.

These three features help you polish your prose; make it tighter and cleaner.

  1. Weak Words

It's easy to get a word stuck in your head and use that word over and over. This is especially true during first drafts when you are capturing ideas and scenes before they slip away.

Editomat finds repeated words and highlights them for you. By default, Editomat looks for words of more than five characters that are repeated within twenty words of each other. This reduces the clutter caused by words like "the" or "an" that get used frequently and legitimately. ...


Like weak words, adverbs can be overused and often are a sign that the verb being described lacks meaning or precision.

A character can walk quickly, or they can stride or pace or even jog.