Clean your clothes at the laundromat
Clean your prose with Editomat
Editomat will make your writing cleaner and brighter.
Here are discussions of what Editomat

can do for your writing.

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Use Editomat to clean your prose
You spruce up your wardrobe witha a clotheswasher at a laundromat.

You spruce up your prose with the prosewashers in Editomat.

Editomat shows you how to make your writing brighter and cleaner.

Editomat has over a dozen tools to help you improve your prose, including:

  • Highlighting words that muddle a sentence without adding color.
  • Highlighting words that are repeated nearby.
  • Displaying words you use most often in a piece.
  • Highlighting sentences that are too long.
  • Displaying repetitious sentence structure.
  • Analyze reading difficulty and emotional tone.
  • Highlighting passive voice.
  • Showing how your work compares to others in your genre.
  • Highlighting poor language constructs.
  • Tracking the emotional intensity and tone of your writing.