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Here are a few free fun things you can enjoy.

Some will give you writing ideas, and others are just silly.

You decide which are which.

Remember when your phone only rang when friends and relatives called?

Remember when most phone solicitations were actually legit businesses?

Remember when phone calls didn't always raise your blood pressure?

This game won't get rid of the crank calls, fake charities and political surveys designed to change your mind. But it will give you a chance to click off a square and get a little pleasure from them.

Grab a couple bingo cards

This is a different style of plot generator.

Instead of giving you a genre-related character and a situation, it gives you type of character and style of story to write. The characters and plots are based on tropes from TV Tropes.

For instance, you might get an outline to write a story about a Plucky Girl with a lisp who uses an Artifact of Doom against a Brute. The plot will hinge on her Right-Hand Dog and the story should use the Conflict structure.

Within those constraints, you decide what the story is about. It could be a fantasy, a mystery, or even a romance story.

I won't guarantee results, but the first story I wrote to test this tool sold on the first submission.

Look at the plot generator